The Mission Of ERLTC

The mission of ERLTC is to help our children achieve skills in leadership, Bible knowledge and Christian servant hood.  ERLTC is built on the concept that each child and each teen has different talents and abilities.  We want to maximize the use of those talents and abilities. The program is open for kids in grades 3-12.  And since there is no competition, the kids do not get discouraged.
This program is open to all churches along the East Coast.  Currently, we have churches from Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina participating.  And we are growing every year.
We do go to a convention where the children perform and show their talents.  The convention is in Charlotte, NC at The Westin Charlotte Hotel.

The convention is not a competition at all.  All participants are evaluated on their “own” personal performance.  They do not compete against other churches or other participants.


Mission Statement

Eastern Region Leadership Training for Christ is a Christian organization that is designed to develop our youth, grades 3-12, in the areas of leadership, spiritual growth and servant-hood. Through this development, our youth will become responsible church leaders and also Christian leaders in their homes, schools, and work. During this process, we pray to create in the hearts of our youth the “desire” to serve God and others through their various gifts.


If you are looking for Christian youth group activities, spiritual church youth programs and a place for your church’s youth group to learn more about Jesus and develop their God-given talent, then I would invite you to look into the Easter Region Leadership Training for Christ a bit more.

Leadership Training for Christ is an organization designed to stimulate and encourage spiritual, mental, and social growth among students in grades three through twelve. Its mission is to achieve this growth by developing skills in leadership, Bible knowledge, and Christian servanthood.

Skill development in each of these areas will be accomplished through participation in a variety of individual and group events. These events will take place within the context of a wholesome and supportive environment designed for the purpose of fostering enthusiasm and high achievement among the participants.

Since its origin, LTC has focused on making the annual convention an opportunity to challenge young people to develop in an increasing number of leadership areas.

Please refer to the ERLTC Introductory Brochure for general information on LTC.

History of LTC

Since its origin, LTC has focused on making the annual convention an opportunity to challenge young people to develop in an increasing number of leadership areas. Since 1989, conventions were held in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. LTC expanded and there are now ten conventions held annually in the spring: Eastern Region LTC in Charlotte, NC; North Texas LTC in Dallas, TX; LTC Southwest in Phoenix, AZ; Midwest LTC in Kokomo, IN; Central Texas LTC in Houston, TX; Great Plains LTC in Tulsa, OK; LTC West in San Francisco, CA and Black Hills LTC in Spearfish, SD, Southeast LTC in Mobile, AL and Heart Of America LTC in Kansas City, MO.


LTC consists of various events in which the youth may participate. These are divided into three main categories: Challenge Events, Pre-Convention Events, and Convention Events. Please review the Events Offered tab for a description of each.[/accordion_item]

Some Benefits Of Being Involved In ERLTC

  • Allows Year Round Leadership Training
  • Assists In The Use Of Gifts And Talents
  • Makes A Perfect Fit For Your Youth/Family Ministry
  • Provides Training For Youth To Be Effective Teachers
  • Aids The Development Of Skills In Speaking, Song Leading, Bible Leading and other acts of worship.

ERLTC is a Year-round Program

Friend, please don’t think that ERLTC is just about the convention.  This is a year round church youth group program.  The program is really geared to help churches strengthen their church youth group and help stimulate and encourage spiritual growth in your church youth group.

Hear what some of the kids have to say:

  • “LTC teaches you to work together.” Eric Keeler, 5th grade
  • ”LTC is like being in a school club with other Christians.” Kasey Mitchell, 9th grade
  • ”LTC gives you a Bible education with hands-on activities and fun.” Paul Keeler, 7th grade.
  • ”I like LTC because we get to go to Charlotte, do ice breakers, watch puppet shows and learn more about God while having fun.” Sydney Beasley, 5th grade
  • ”At LTC, you get to do things that you usually don’t get to do.” Justin Vail, 3rd grade

Code of Ethics for Church Coordinators

  1. LTC is for the growth and spiritual development of our youth. The LTC preparation must be the student’s own work. Guidance, resources, and encouragement must be provided so students can develop their own ideas.
  2. Church Coordinators must place their emphasis on participation and effort rather than on competition and winning. Lesser value comes from winning; maximum value comes from hard work and best efforts.
  3. Church Coordinators must emphasize servant leadership. It is not enough to teach public communication skills, but additionally, we must model and teach leadership through servanthood.
  4. Church Coordinators must find important and needed areas for our youth leaders to be integrated into the overall leadership of the church. Our youth need responsibilities now that give them important roles and contribute to the church.
  5. Church Coordinators must communicate these ideas to all parents and church leaders.
  6. Church Coordinators need to strongly encourage participants to be involved in more than one event.
  7. Church Coordinators need to contact event coordinators in advance if a child in the congregation has special needs to be considered.
  8. Church coordinators are responsible for ensuring that all participants/teams are checked in on Friday afternoon.
  9. Church coordinators are responsible for providing an appropriate number of judges for each event.


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