One Heart for the One True God…

Worship is the total human response to whom God is and what God has done.  Worship expresses itself in our lives as we bow our will before the will of God and nurture a close, affectionate relationship with our heavenly Father. Worship is also war; it is a battle for our allegiance. We worship what we place first in our lives.

Friendly Avenue offers worship in English, Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language) for the deaf at 10:15 AM each Sunday morning.  Spanish speakers meet in our chapel, and our deaf members in the conference hall (Room 12, Ground Floor).

Singing at Friendly is participatory in that we invite everyone to sing songs to one another and to the Lord.  To encourage this, we do not use a choir or band when we get together on Sunday mornings; rather, we leave room for the voice of the believer to express what the heart feels and the mind thinks.  We sing a variety of music from ancient to modern, hymns to praise choruses, Crosby to Tomlin.

Communion is shared each week and offered to those who belong to Christ.  If you belong to Christ we belong to you and you belong to us.

Involvement is encouraged in every aspect of our corporate worship times from serving communion, to prayer, audio and visual management, reading, speaking, serving on the praise team, and live or video drama.  While most weeks the English, Spanish, and Deaf meet in separate worship locations across the building, we take time regularly to meet as a whole body in the main sanctuary with translation in Spanish and ASL.  During those special times an extra emphasis is placed on our unity as well as our cultural diversity by worshiping using all three languages and unique styles.

Responses are received after the sermon by the elders in the prayer room for anyone seeking prayer and the spiritual support of the church.  The prayer room is located at the back of the auditorium behind the class windows.  This is a safe, confidential place to pray with others.  If you would like to be baptized into Christ, or formally associate with Friendly, you can do so by indicating your desire to one of our elders during the response time.

We hope you will join us for worship soon, and welcome visitors to stop by our Guest Services Center to meet one of our ministers or shepherds as well as receive a small gift from the church.

Experiential Worship

If you have an idea for worship, would like to be involved in worship (praise team, serving communion, reading scripture, drama, communion devotionals, video drama, announcements, prayer, coordinator, interpreter, or you have any idea for something new, we are open to your thoughts and will do our best to work you or your idea into the services.

Children’s Worship:

A time of worship and learning is held during the Sunday morning adult worship events from Labor Day until Memorial Day. Videos, puppets, interactive discussion and age-appropriate activities allow our pre-school students a chance to worship in their own special way.


On various Sunday nights throughout the year, our Middle and High School groups meet at member homes across the Triad for a time of food, fellowship and devotion. More information is available on the Youth Page or by emailing Bryan Brown, our Youth Minister.

Common Grounds:

Common grounds is a communication and welcome center located in the church lobby. Like contemporary coffee houses, Common Grounds seeks to turn our church lobby into a comfortable and welcoming place for members and guests alike. It is THE place to find current information about our church and to casually connect with others.

Common Grounds opens at 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings. Don’t just come to church, come early. Come and talk with others over a cup of coffee, relax, meet new people and start the day off right![/accordion_item][/accordion]