Celebrate Recovery @ FACC is a ministry of Friendly Avenue Church of Christ (FACC). FRIENDLY AVENUE CHURCH OF CHRIST IS A CHURCH FAMILY BEING CHANGED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD INTO THE LIKENESS OF CHRIST AS WE WORSHIP GOD, STUDY HIS WORD, AND SERVE THE CHURCH, OUR COMMUNITY, AND THE WORLD. For more information about our parent church, Friendly Avenue Church of Christ, please visit our website.

Below is a list of other ministries and organizations that [email protected] recommends for the benefit of program participants.

New Life Ministries America’s #1 Christian counseling ministry.  Listen online or search this site for a local radio or television network that carries this program.  Dozens of books available for purchase.  Healing workshops are led by Steve Arterburn, or others, with counselor-facilitated small group sessions.

Celebrate Recovery This is the parent site for Celebrate Recovery, founded at Saddleback Church.  Search this site for a Celebrate Recovery program near you.

Cloud & Townsend Resources Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend have written dozens of books on healing, relationship issues and life transformation.  This resource link has a database of free video advice on relationships, marriage, emotional struggles, spiritual life, parenting, dating, goals and success, and leadership.  We highly recommend reading their recovery related books.

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